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Always wanted your own pro model ski, but canít ski like a pro?  Why donít you just build it yourself? It sounds crazy, but building a pair of skis (or a snowboard) is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you're the average garage tinkerer.  First you need to build the ski-making equipment, then you prepare the materials, and finally you put it all together to form a ski.  When the smoke clears, all your hard work pays off, and there is no better feeling than skiing on a pair of skis that you designed and built yourself. 

SkiBuilders.com LLC is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information related to home-built skis and snowboards. Please find herein information about the basics of ski/snowboard design and construction methods, as well as a gallery of example projects. A free forum is available for sharing information with other hobby ski builders.

There are three of us involved in maintaining this website.  Please feel free to contribute to this unique community to help advance the art, science, and knowledge of ski building. Have fun!  - Kam, Kelvin and Kam.

More About Us
Kam K. Leang (Big Kam)  Following his cousin Little Kam's lead, Kam set up shop in Seattle with friend Kelvin Wu to design and build their own telemark skis. Kam's heart is in the backcountry, actively climbing, skiing, and biking throughout the year.  Since October 2002, he has maintained his turns-all-year streak -- skiing at least once a month (see Kam's profile on turns-all-year.com.). Kam is also passionate about photography and academics, where a good part of his time is spent doing research.  Visit his personal website for more info: http://www.leang.com/kam.

Kelvin Wu  Kelvin lives in Seattle where SkiBuilders.com is based.  Originally from the east, Kelvin moved to Seattle to tap into the Cascades.  In addition to building skis, Kelvin is an engineer by profession and he also spends a lot of his free time blowing glass.
Kam S. Leang (Little Kam)  Kam spent a lot of time as a ski bum in the Lake Tahoe area and one season in the Wasatch.  He started designing and building skis out of his parents' garage in early 2004. Little Kam has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from UCLA and now in design school.

Contact Administrators

To reach us, please send email to: skibuilding "at" gmail dut com

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Kelvin skis Mt. Bachelor's backcountry. Photo by Kam K. Leang, May 2006.


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