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Post by davide »

It came out the idea to organise a kind of "Conference on ski building".
There would be one in Europe, and one in US (bigKam).
It will be very interesting and useful to see what are people is doing and it is much nicer to talk live, rather then posting on a forum (no beer on the forum…)
It will be also a great occasion to sell/buy/swap materials, like edges and bases, that are usually not very easy to find.

So, who is interested just post when, in his opinion, it is the best time to do that (I would say mid-January, February) and the suited location (I would avoid the big ones…).

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Post by endre »

Then I start by suggesting Innsbruck with all of it's ski-part manifacturers.
during ISPO the 29. jan. -1. feb would be nice.

..and I am totally against that beer thing

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Post by rasi »

That's a great idea! I'll be happy to join for the European meetup if the date is ok.

I'm not that far away from Bernex as I'm currently taking studies in Fribourg so mayme we'll see each othero occasionally when the big white comes to the alpes vaoudoises and valais. 8)

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Post by Alex »

Great idea - we should include some skiing (Nordkette or so) to see the constructions under real world conditions :D

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Post by train581 »

I agree with that, its solid advice that i would follow myself.

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Post by bigKam »

i think a conference is a great idea! Kelvin, littleKam and i have discussed the possibility of having one here this year. we're thinking of an informal one in the Pacific Northwest area come Feb or Mar.

i like that you guys in Europe are thinking of doing one. if you do, keep us informed and write about it. we'll be glad to advertise and post photos and related info from the event.

i envision in the near future an annual SkiBuilders conference where everybody with homemade skis get together to share info. it would be fun to test others' skis. we can even hold races and ski comps. start thinking more about this.

for those interested in a US event this year, please chime in. we'll most likely schedule for Whistler or someplace close to the Seattle this year.

and speaking of Europe. i'll be in Munich on Dec. 28th. from there, i'll be heading to Austria and Cham to ski. i'll be spending some time skiing inbounds as well as in the backcountry. if you're in the area, let me know. we'll make some turns together.

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Post by Charlie »

Cool, I wanna spend as much time at winter Austria as possible, so I hope we can meet somewhere and rip some powder lines! :D

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I'd try to make it

Post by Enduro_Skiin »

I am living in Maine at this point in time and have should be completing my press in the next few weeks. If my timeline can hold, I plan on skiing on my first pair on my birthday at the end of January.

I would be very interested in meeting to ski and and talk ski building.


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