How to mass produce Skis and source material

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How to mass produce Skis and source material

Post by thoemel » Tue Nov 29, 2005 12:42 pm

We've got to do an assignment at University.
We have to design a Supply Chain of a Ski and Ski binding.
For instance, what would I make (e.g. wood core) or buy as a manufacturer?
Which are pros and cons of every option etc...

Does anybody know where I can get any relevant information on this topic?
I haven't found that much so far and I guess no Ski manufacturer is willing to blab where they source their materials and how they design their manufacturing processes... At least I have found this forum which gives me a first impression on how to build your own skis;)


Thoemel from Snowy Switzerland

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Post by endre » Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:05 pm

Could you possibly ask a bigger question? If you read everything on skibuilders and everything on the graf forum you will get some idea.

-you would need to make the cores yourself or get some specialist woodcompany to make them (like Hess & co).
-you buy the bases from Durasurf if you'r in USA, IMS or Isosport in Europe.
-The edges are from Friedrich Deutch or Walholz-huber in Europe.
-Small stuff like insets are from a couple of places in the states or some place in Europe
-topsheet you get from the same places as bases and sidewalls
-epoxy and fibreglass you can get many places

Then you need a core profiler, and usually a press with a heated mold. (some use an autoclave) of course you need to finish the ski with a basegrinder etc.

there are some usefull videos out there, one nice one here from the Karhu/Line factory;

what do you study?

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Post by thoemel » Wed Nov 30, 2005 12:12 am


Thanks a lot! I found all these links on this forum after I had written this post....I guess it will help me a lot
I've already been on the hompeage of Hess and it offers a great deal of information.

Well, I study Business Process Management, a mixture of engineering and economics, majoring in Supply Chain Management.



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