nice camaro

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nice camaro

Post by bigKam »

Kelvin is out testing these at Whistler this weekend...

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Post by hose-man »

That looks like a very versitile shape. I like the stickers too. will they be available for purchase?

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Post by kelvin »


A quick run up to Whistler was a perfect time to test out the new skis. Conditions ranged from refrozen cordouroy to buttery creamed corn. The first thing I noticed with the Bitchin Camaros are how short and quick they are. So quick that the first couple of turns almost dumped me on my ass because I felt like they were going to spin out. After a couple of runs, I got used to them and they were bitchin'. Very easy to turn, quick, and held an edge well in all but the hardest conditions. They really shined in the moguls and the carvable corn. I'll try to post more later.

We are working on some sticker designs and hopefully they'll be out soon.


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