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How to print fulsize print from SnoCad?
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I don't think you can directly from snocad. What I've done is export it as a .dxf and then open it in a cad program, like turbocad. You might have to play with the scaling to get it right.


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is snowcad the free software to design snowboards? I would like to get a free CAD for skis

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you can design skis using snocad, all you need to do is adjust the tip and tail
widths to form the shape or a ski and go to tip shaper to shape the tips

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What is snocad and how can I get it?

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Katrina S wrote:What is snocad and how can I get it?
Snowcad is a snowboard/ski design program written by the guys at grafsnowboards. They are esensialy the snowboard equivalent of - Go to to find snowcad

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Thanks, since I'm also a snowboarder that seems like it will be twice as helpful!

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