Ski Tuning

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Ski Tuning

Post by zack726 »

For any ski tuner DIYers here - what is needed for recreational level ski tuning? As I understand it, their are several basic steps:

Sharpen Edges
Polish Edges
Apply Wax on Botton
Remove Excess Wax
Polish Wax

I have three questions

1. Do you put on several wax coats (a base and a top, like surfing) or a single coat?
2. Their are many different grit diamond stones, I have seen 1500, 600, 400, 200 and 100. How many are needed? Will a 600, 400 and 200 do the job?

3. Is this a decent list for rec-level tuning:

Low Fluoro Wax (several different temperatures)
Wax Iron?
Brass Brush (for removal and opening up earlier coats)
Soft Nylon Brush (for finishing)
Horsehair Brush (for polishing)
Edge Beveler (with clamp)
Files for Beveler (get the edges to the right angle)
Diamond Files (different grits)
Fine Grit Gummy Stone (polishing edges)
Heavy Duty Rubber Bands (holding the ski brakes)

As always, thanks.
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Post by hafte »

Have you seen this thread?

The article is very cool and really changed my mind about ski tuning. My plan is to use the local shop to base grind and set the edge angles. No waxing. Then get a scrapper and structure tool here. ... board.html

Since I'm not a racer and don't wax every time I ski why slow'm down with wax. See article in above tread... a real eye opener for me.


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