Site Updates -- Big THANKS to Head Monkey!!

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Site Updates -- Big THANKS to Head Monkey!!

Post by bigKam »

Hi Everyone,

As you can see, the entire site has been updated. The service provider recently upgrade their PHP and factoring in that the old platform was outdated, it all created a little bit of a mess, but we needed to update things anyway. A HUGE thanks to Head Monkey for stepping in and taking the time to work through the details!! Thanks a ton, man!

Moving forward -- we would like to get others involved to help maintain this site, keep the community engaged, and share information:

Wanted Forum Moderators and Maintainers: We're looking for more volunteers to help moderate and keep an eye on the forum. Required experience really depends on how you want to be involved.

- Forum moderation is pretty straightforward, such as managing users, minimizing spambot activity, etc. You don't need any coding experience at all, just know how to navigate and use the features of your moderator profile.

- Maintaining the back-end details of the forum and site, in general, will require web-development experience, coding knowledge, etc.

If you have some free time and would like to help in anyway, please let us know. PM me or Head Moneky (you can try to send email to

Other changes to look out for:

- We will be pruning the membership list since there are lots of spambots amongst the group. So, if you haven't logged-in in a long time AND also have not made a post, then you'll most likely be removed from the membership list. So, if you want to stay on, please at the very least log into your account. Signing back up won't be a problem if you get booted.

- Long-term plans: I'll start another thread later to discuss options for ensuring that we have a good long-term plan to keep this community going and other forum options to consider.

Thanks again everyone and a BIG thanks to Head Monkey!! Happy building everyone!


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Re: Site Updates -- Big THANKS to Head Monkey!!

Post by Head Monkey »

Thanks Kam, I'm happy to help out!
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Re: Site Updates -- Big THANKS to Head Monkey!!

Post by sammer »

Holy Crap Mike!!!

I haven't bothered to check back for a while as I figure the site was down for good.

Nice work and a huge thanks

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Re: Site Updates -- Big THANKS to Head Monkey!!

Post by skidesmond »

Great to see the site back up and running AND people still building and sharing info.

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