The pouring urethane sidewall thread

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Re: The pouring urethane sidewall thread

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yep, four minutes go really fast. Next time I will need something or somebody to give me split times.

the supplier rates the viscosity with 600-900mPas. For comparison, Erapol CC60D is rated with 4500mPas (like Honey or Syrup?), Smooth-Cast 305 with 80mPas (like Olive oil). You have the experience to judge if those comparisons are valid...

As for the color: well, I wanted to get a clear blue, since the technical data sheet in the internet had a picture of a nice skateboard wheel in translucent blue. But due to the amber color of the PU itself, the thing turned out greenish. I wonder how they got that blue in the picture. So apparently 15 drops of those blue translucent tinting pigments added to 500 grams of PU is not enough to get something like blue
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Re: The pouring urethane sidewall thread

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I was wondering what shore hardness of urethane people using to pour sidewalls with? Also are people using rubber foil in the layup when building skis or snowboards with urethane sidewalls?

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Re: The pouring urethane sidewall thread

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If you look through this whole thread and google the datasheets for the different PU resins people use, you will get an idea what hardnesses work. From what I'm aware of around 90A is on the softer side of whats regularly used and around 70D is on the harder side.

VDS rubber should still be used with PU sidewalls as it is there to act as a shear layer between the edges and the sidewall due to their different thermal expansion properties.

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