what happened? snowcad kanundrum

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what happened? snowcad kanundrum

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Hi guys it's been a while but just recently i tried to go play around with snowcad and that was a no go,
then i dug deeper and came across github with both monkeycam and snowcad which now looks like a team effort to move home builders forward, but i tried downloading that and still nothing.

Are we supposed to pay for a membership to have access to these programs now or am i just not clicking the right thing to download the program.

It would be great if someone could clarify this

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Github is a source code repository, which also allows us to make 'releases' which have binaries on them. Check out these two links:


Those pages list the releases, newest first, and each one has a list of download links. That's where the binaries are. So, if you scroll down on the snoCAD-X one you'll see a release for v1.0.7.b, with snocad-X-1.0.7.b.zip as the first downloadable file. Click that, unzip, and enjoy.

I hope that helps,

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