Gluing edges on the wrong side of base.

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Gluing edges on the wrong side of base.

Post by gketcham »

I glued the edges with the teeth on the smooth side of the base and not the textured side. Is there a way to still make this bond well, or do I just need to start over? I feel like an idiot.

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Post by sammer »

The edges should just pop off and you can start again.
The glue might leave a bit of a residue which can be scraped off.

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Post by chrismp »

Better start over. The smooth side will not really bond.

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Post by gketcham »

Thanks. I can't believe I did it. Also I can't believe it took me this long to realize I did it.

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Post by mammuth »

As long as you realize it before laminating its ok ;)

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Post by Gilo »

I've done all sorts of shit things - bases the wrong way round in the mould, polishing through the veneer, slipping with the router, getting the angle of the router wrong (so there is virtually no ski left) and best of all leaving what looked like a set of keys under the veneer when pressing - I still don't know what's in there!

What I am trying to say is that you are not a lone in a bit absent minded cack handedness!

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Post by gav wa »

Yeah the best way to learn is to keep stuffing up.
You should be able to break the glue and do the edges properly.
The left over residue will grind out after you are finished.
Or if you have heaps of spare base material just start again.

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