How to design Ski (shape,sidecut,turn radius,etc)

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How to design Ski (shape,sidecut,turn radius,etc)

Post by lini »

My mame is Álvaro from Chile. I'm writing to you because I would like to know how to make my own skis and I have some question about the process.
First of all is to know how to determinate the shape of the ski and the sidecut and also the camber and rocker. The second one is to know about the materials, the best one to use. And finally how yo calculate the turning radius and the binding position.
Ir you have a step by step guide I will really appreciate it.
Hope that you can help me.

Best regards

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Re: How to design Ski (shape,sidecut,turn radius,etc)

Post by skidesmond »

There's no step by step guide per se. There's many ways and approaches to design and build a ski or snowboard. You can start by downloading SnoCadX (do a search for it) or Boardcrafter for designing. There are tons of videos on YouTube that will give you an idea of what you"re in for. Best option maybe to copy a ski your skiing on now just to get the idea and your processes in place. Read every post in this forum. Then spend all your money for the next year or so just figuring it out.

Sailor Pronk
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Re: How to design Ski (shape,sidecut,turn radius,etc)

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Hello Álvaro,
You must be heading into your prime ski season. I am in the same situation as you and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about ski design and building techniques. Being a part of this group has been great, there is so much information here. Also I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on building skis and snowboards.
I would love to one day ski in Chile
Best of luck,

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