veneer topsheet with painted graphics

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veneer topsheet with painted graphics

Post by staszko »

Im planing to use veneer as the design of my skis but i want also to add something more. I was thinking to spray something on the wood using template. The problem is i dont know which paint will be the best and wont delaminate, because on top of that i want to use clear TPU/ABS Topsheet.
So if you have some ideas what kind of paint i can use i would be happy to hear:)

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Re: veneer topsheet with painted graphics

Post by Thelongride »

Following- have been looking for something simpler than epoxy based

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Re: veneer topsheet with painted graphics

Post by chrismp »

The gold standard would be epoxy based paints. Basler in Switzerland make a variety of products that can be used for this purpose. In the US Nazdar Inks makes similar products afaik.

There are some other products that work too, however I would suggest you do some bonding tests with something that is not industry standard. Water based PU or acrylic varnishes often work pretty well. You could also try screen printing. If possible, try to keep any graphic elements away from the edges of the ski as this will increase the risk of delamination if the bond with the colors you use is not perfect.

One more thing that has been suggested on here before is to use a light layer of fiberglass mat between the veneer and the topsheet to facilitate bonding.

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