stainless steel edges

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stainless steel edges

Post by szymon »


I'm looking for the stainless steel edges to buy. Does anyone uses them and would like to sell me some?
I know I can order them in the factory, but the min. quantities are way to high for me and I would like to do some testings first.

Did anyone here uses them?
I'm in Europe.


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Post by twizzstyle »

Stainless?? Must be expensive. Why stainless? Do you have problems with rust?

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Post by szymon »

must be expensive for sure!:)
I want to make an upper edge for protection of veneer, and it must be stainless so stain doesn't get to/on veneer.

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Post by mikic1 »

interesting, would like to see a picture of the final product :).

have no info on stainless....sorry

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How bout Al?
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Post by mattman »

If you profile your sidewalls separate you could have them extend up to your topsheet. Ridea Skis does this. Even if you dont profile separate, there is probably a creative way of recessing the core if you profile with a router bridge.

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