complete workshop for sale fully equipped

For non-commerical sales of materials, equipment, and resources related to ski/snowboard building

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complete workshop for sale fully equipped

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HI there,
due to lack of time I finished my ski buildinmg career few years ago.
I d like to sell my stuff, beside tables and stuff I am seeling my press:

# massive steel
# I-Beams incl a shiftable clamp to reduce deflection to 0mm
# cat track, aluminium
# steel/alu cassettes
# mdf base mould
# rollable mdf top mould
# adjustable mdf tip/tail blocks
# pe camber mould for pressing
# ready-to-use pid controler for 2 blanckets
# 2-F tubes, tested with 5bar pressure (applicable for 3 F-tubes, as I blew one ;)
# total weight estim. 1,2tons

check out the pictures, link below, feel free to ask.

further on to sale:
# table for upside down mount of routers
# vacuum table for core grinding ("router bridge method")
# plank and spacers for router thicknesser core grinding
# metall rack
# various mdf ski templates (containing 1 base + 1 core stencils per ski)

not to sale: electronic tools

The stuff is stored in Germany near 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria. I prefer to sell in one bunch. Make an offer! Feel free to ask!



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