Hypothetical: paulownia lumber

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Hypothetical: paulownia lumber

Post by vinman »

Hypothetically if I were to buy a bunch of paulownia lumber from wholesaler.....would there be any interest in folks wanting to buy some of it? I have no idea on price at the moment. I'm still waiting to hear from the supplier. Also not really sure how this would work with shipping and such
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Re: Hypothetical: paulownia lumber

Post by MontuckyMadman »

Im in for some.
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Re: Hypothetical: paulownia lumber

Post by 24Dave »

Seems like there might be a retail market. Since Paulownia barn closed, what 10, 15 years ago, it's been a struggle to find a steady but small supply that is good quality. I think the market price went through the floor with factories that use it buying it by the container load from China. There is a wood surfboard kit builder who sells it really high, no idea on the volume there. You might want to buy in a useful surfboard and snowboard/ski length. I've toyed with this idea, but such a hassle since I live inland and far from a west coast port.

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