Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

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Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

Post by Seeburglar »

Hi Everyone! I'm trying to design my first pair of skis, and I've got a couple questions. I'm trying to make a superfat powder ski with more of a modern geometry, and am curious about how tip/tail fill applies in this context. My inspiration here is the Heritage Lab C132 or the Praxis protest.
My ski design is 140/126/132, a 1000mm effective edge, and a 1900mm overall length. This puts my nose length at 500, tail length at 400

SnoCad seems built around traditional ski, where the tip is almost at the end of the ski, so it wants me to have the entire nose (550mm) be tip fill. This seems very wrong, but I'm curious as to what the standard tip/tail fill is? 50mm, 100mm?

also from a general ski design, is it standard to put the highest point of the camber pocket, and the narrowest part of the ski, at the boot center mark, or at true center? IE, if I'm trying to have a boot center at -60mm, should my sidecut and camber bias be -60?

Thanks for your advice!
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Re: Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

Post by Noshaq »

I usually cut core slightly behind apex of the tip curve. 15-20cm it depends. As I do hardwood sidewalls and paulownia core, it usualy cracks just behind this spot because of the tension it makes when it bends.
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Re: Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

Post by TimW »

With a long and gradual tip/ tail, you can just do a continuous core.
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Re: Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

Post by Jdline »

I taper the core to 1-1.5mm and it never cracks, but do have some problems with pushing it down in the mold when its a tight turn in the nose
Bur for pow ski, with a long gradual tip, there are no problems...
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Re: Tip and Tail Fill for Rockered Skis

Post by Wheatlpa »

I extend my core into the early rise tip, they are about 2mm thick so had trouble getting them be flat in the mold. I have found that bending the tips and tails of the core using a heat gun allows me to get the cores into an early rise shape before I put them into the molds. It works very well, you just have to go slow with the heating and check the shape, you can go a little over board with this method.
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