Grinding Stone tick marks

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Grinding Stone tick marks

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I work with an old Grindrite ST 1800 XL machine and cannot seem to stop the tick marks from happening on the base.
They are few and far between on each ski but happens on every ski.

I've re-set or smoothed out the stone at least 8 times and it still happens.

Some notable mentions are that the diamond seems to have some give up and down due to the machine's age, so i've been pressing my hand down on the knob to get more consistent pressure from the diamond to the stone.
Also I've made sure to wipe the base of each ski before sending it through and even sprayed down the whole machine after cutting the stone to ensure no straggling bits are floating around and getting caught between the ski and stone.

And yes, I detune the stone with a block and even make sure to get any tough bits with a metal scraper.

ANY IDEAS?? please help, i'm going insane.
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