Soul Skis

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Re: Soul Skis

Post by Dtrain »

Downloaded this imgur app. How are you posting photos doc. I tried but just puts the link in. Not the image.

That graphic is sick by the way
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Dr. Delam
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Re: Soul Skis

Post by Dr. Delam »

Dtrain, did you try the BBCode? That's what I used for the link.

When you say "your Photobucket is gone" are you not able to access the pictures on your account anymore? I still see them in your journal. Is that the only place you have them stored? When I open the image in a new tab, it doesn't have the Photobucket watermark. You could always resave them that way if necessary.

I always say I'm going to build more skis in the summer but that's when I usually work the most and too much fun in the outdoors to be had. Good on you for the ambition and drive for 12 boards. I am lucky if I build one pair a year now. I curse myself every year for putting it off as it's so much easier to do wood working and base cutting outside without having to worry about the dust and mess. Plus it's so much warmer outside in the summer than a cold garage in the winter! I am definitely doing a tribute ski for my beloved lab, Milo, who I had to say good bye to a year or so ago. Every time I started working on the graphics, I got bummed out but I think it's time now.
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