Divide Rides

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Dr. Delam
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Re: Divide Rides

Post by Dr. Delam »

Those boards look gorgeous! I'm sure the kids are stoked. If I got those when I was a kid they would be in my bedroom with me. It's not easy to find specialized gear like that for kids in most shop racks.

I hear what you're saying about changing priorities. Just owning a house seems like a full time job sometimes as there is always something to be fixed or upgraded. I just decided that I am finally going to remodel our master bath so definitely no ski building in my unemployment period. Ski building can definitely consume you. The last pair I built was my fastest start to finish and it still felt like I was living in the garage for the week. Hopefully I'll get back on it towards the end of the summer and we actually have some lift served skiing next year.
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Re: Divide Rides

Post by chrismp »

Nice! Great to see you back on it!
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Re: Divide Rides

Post by ben_mtl »

Man those look awesome !
Should have called and have a drink with you, I've been in Terrace for 3 weeks at my buddy's by Lakelse lake, touring the Shames BC because the hill was closed..
A bad day skiing is always better than a good one at work...
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