We need your opinion about SB logo design

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Post by Mart »

I like the original logo and really like the t-shirt designs at the bottom of the list.

Post by skip »

I like basically all of these, but I especially like the rubber stamp and the ski edges. Good stuff.
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Post by broskier »

for logos my choices would be:
1. random (a)
2. random (d)
3. traditional

for the skis t-shirt I like (a)

I agree with the others, the mass prod. t-shirt is pretty sweet...
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Post by powdercow »

My ranking:

1) Edges - artistic but still communicates the URL well
2) Classic - better as a sticker than a shirt but good either way
3) T-shirt design #3 - also a good sticker

For a T-shirt my vote would definitely go to "not made in China". Something about a shirt that says "xyz sucks" has always sat wrong with me, but to be honest I will buy and proudly wear whatever you make.

p.s. relief/stencil type stuff always looks good.
- Ben
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Post by Alex »

I would really like a sticker with "not made in China" and skibuilders logo for putting it on my skis! The edges logo is great but only for real insiders....
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Post by sivart7208 »

hey new here but i like

traditional, random (c), mass produced T, and the ski T (c) and (b).
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Post by mattman »

i still like the traditional logo best.
the mass produced t-shirt is the best with the spray mask skibuilders a close second. i would go for one of each. medium.
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Post by administrator »

one Guest posted this comment, but with a different subject heading. i decided to move it here. bigKam

Didn't know where to put this - delete it if it's in the wrong place. I wanted to bring up the idea of doing the t-shirts through Under Armour. I don't know what the cost would be, but then on top of being a cool t-shirt it'd make a sick base layer.
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Post by hose-man »

Re: under armor shrits.

Most of the companies who supply t-shirts & sweatshirts & stuff to screen printers also have a performance thermal layer like the UA products. I'll look into the cost just so y'all have something to compare. -J
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Post by zack726 »

re: UA/ base layer shirt

As long as the cost isnt more than 10$ over regular retail (retail for short sleeve regular under armour is 25$, long sleeve 30$ last I checked), I'd be all for it. I sent email to under armour to check their pricing for you guys.
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Post by bigKam »

thanks everyone for your response and input. we have enough input to make a decision. we'll have our first run of shirts and (hopefully) stickers available soon...

again, Little Kam, Kelvin and i would like to express our appreciation for your support of SB and its cause.
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