Connecting two pieces of P-Tex

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Connecting two pieces of P-Tex

Post by BRAND2102 »

I have a very large foot a size 18 to be exact. I decided that I was sick of toe drag on my snowboard so I bought materials and planned to build my own board. Unfortunately I couldn't find material wide enough for the boards base. I'm wondering if it's possible to connect two pieces of ptex together. I know it's possible and that large companies do it all the time I'm just wondering if I have to melt the two pieces of ptex together or can they be glued. Also flame treatment, how much "flame" do I need to get a good amount of bonding and do I sand the surface before or after I flame treat the ptex.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated thanks.

gav wa
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Re: Connecting two pieces of P-Tex

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If it was me I wouldn't bother with trying to glue the two pieces together. I would just lay them together and run tape along the bottom side to hold together until out of the press. Or use a length of clear contact as it should give you the full width and doesn't leave a pressed depression after the lay-up like a strip of tape does. It means less grinding.
I've used a full length of clear contact to hold die-cut bases together heaps of times.
Die-cut bases aren't glued together they just go together in the layup and gets all glued in place.

As for flame treating. It is the last process when prepping P-tex. If you need to sand your p-tex (most ski material suppliers only have material that is already sanded) then after sanding you flame treat.

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Re: Connecting two pieces of P-Tex

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I use packing tape. It seems to work well but I have only made one board.
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