What's the state of our community right now?

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What's the state of our community right now?

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Curious-What's new and happening in the community right now? I am really out of touch...

Its been a few years since I've been on here. At first glance, the forum seems less active, there are a few people using the #skibuilders tag on IG, and there's this FB group that's large really just a mess. A lot of the questions that do pop up tend to be newbie questions-- which makes me think that the community is still growing.

Did the DIY movement sufficiently catch up to industry and their's less knowledge to pull from industry?
Are people sitting on their secrets more?
Is the industry/hobby just saturated with builders and its always just the same conversations all over again?

Are people on here still building? Anything new?Is there anything new that we should be collectively striving for? Any experiments we should run? Materials mfgrs we should talk to?
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