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Woman touring ski

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:18 am
by dimlef
Dear All,

I’m Dimitri, French, new on the forum. Thanks a lot for all the informations shared ! very precious.
I already have experience with shape : snowboard, splitboards, kiteboards, skates, kayaks.
This time I plan to make 2 pairs of touring ski : one for me (1,73kg, 1,7m) and for my girlfriend (53kg, 1,60m)

We are not good skier ( I more often practice snowboard, and my girlfriend is a bit afraid off tracks) So I want the touring ski to be comfortable and comforting !

For my girlfriend :



Not too long, 158cm with 1220 running length, 123-90-106 to be wide enough for powder but not too much.
Core : red cedar (few strips left from kayak)
Thickness : 2mm – 9.5mm- 2mm with 60cm flat zone centered on boot center. Is that correct ? I know that stiffness is very related to core profile so I don’t want to make mistakes
I hesitate with thicker (10) but smaller flat zone (40cm), but ski is short, so don’t want it too stiff..
Regarding laminate, I was advice to use UD Carbon 125g + Biax carbon 200g + Core + biax carbone 200 + UD Flax 160g + Veneer 6/10mm.

For me :

1-8cm with 1320 running length, 125-92-108
Core : Oregon Pine (light but stiff wood, used for amateur airplane construction)
Thickness : 2mm – 10.5mm- 2mm with 60cm flat zone centered on boot center. Same question… Is that correct ?
Regarding laminate almost the same with additional carbon on top:
UD Carbon 125g + Biax carbon 200g + Core + biax carbone 200 + UD carbon 125 + UD Flax 160g + Veneer 6/10mm.

geometry of the ski: with the position of the boot center on 50mm sidecut bias offset, and foot ball approximately on mid running length.
I hope it’s correct. The real waist (90mm) seems much in the back than the sidecut bias position, I don’t really understand why, but it’s snocad design.

I’m really interested by your comments ! especially on core profile and laminates for such short ski and program.

Thanks in advance ! I’ll share more pictures once started !!

Re: Woman touring ski

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 2:12 am
by still
According to your description, everything must work well. Did you have a chance to try it?