Ski Press and CNC Machine For Sale

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Ski Press and CNC Machine For Sale

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All machines used less than 10/15 times, located in Harrisonburg VA. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs but I will gladly help get everything on a truck.

IF-2500 DFC/S - SKI AND SNOWBOARD PRESS - New- $16,495.00 Asking $9,000.00

This design, unique to Action Sports Technology, features a dual cavity design where the bottom cavity is used for ski and snowboard lamination and the upper cavity is a digitally controlled sublimation heat press for producing graphic heat transfers on modern top sheet materials.
This machine is a super fast multi-tasker that is suitable for higher volume production users that want to save money and space. By incorporating 2 machines into the one frame we are able to reduce both the cost and the footprint of the machine versus a separate laminating press and sublimation heat press. This ski and board cavity contains a full production laminating press based on the presses Lindsay designed for Powderstick Snowboards, Option Snowboards and dozens of other companies since the mid 1980's. It features heated top and bottom forms that are controlled by a digital PID control unit that allows various ramp and heat cycles to be programmed or simple set temperature operation.
The upper sublimation cavity is essentially the same as our separate standalone flatbed sublimation heat presses except it is built into the same frame as the laminating press.
The daily capacity of the IF-22500 DFC/S is dependent on the temperature you operate it at and the cure time of your resin but typically this is 2 - 4 boards per hour or 2 - 3 pair of skis hour based on 140- 180 degree F temperature and the Action Sports Extreme epoxy system - other epoxies will vary in terms of cure time and can allow faster or slower cure cycles and resin pot life. The sublimation cavity is typically run at 330 - 370 degrees F and depending on the type of topsheet and temperature used, press cycles to transfer graphics vary from about 5 - 10 minutes

This machine features a super beefy all steel I-beam "Fixed Cavity" frame design (hence the FC designation) that enables us to make a very stiff, high performance frame when space and weight are not as much of a concern.
The IF-2500 DFC/S ski and snowboard press features an all pneumatic "air bladder/caterpillar track" top form assembly for unlimited ski or board thickness profiles, adjustable length, various camber and rocker profiles and more.

-7 different cassette sizes for ski sandwich construction

CNC Machine Turnkey Setup from Snowboard Materials New- $10,495.00 Asking $6,000.00
The CNC Multi Cutter is our new CNC router with optional blade cutting attachment for die cuts.
The CNC Multi Cutter is a medium format CNC router/blade cutter with a cutting area of 96" x 16".We call it the Multicutter due to the cutting versatility the machine offers when combining a traditional spindle for routing and milling tasks with an interchangeable Donek blade cutter that allows a variety of other cutting tasks (like die cut base graphics) using thin materials that would otherwise not be possible on a traditional router only machine.
Though the CNC Multicutter was originally designed for ski, snowboard, and other boardsports customers, the unique size format also targets a broad array of markets beyond sporting goods such as sign cutting, woodworking, leather and plastic cutting and so on where a small format router is too small but a full size 4 foot x 8 foot is not necessary.
With the addition of a Donek Blade attachment that fits into the machine's 3HP air cooled spindle, you can also die cut base material, tip fill and other thin materials opening it up to a variety of other cutting tasks
For other more traditional CNC markets the machine is a very price competitive, high quality CNC router and blade cutter comparable to machines costing thousands of dollars more in spite of being a Made in USA machine.
Epson SureColor F570 Dye-Sublimation Printer 24 inch
NEW- $2495.00 Asking $1,500.00
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